Friday, August 1, 2008

Clearing the Needles

I'm tired of seeing the same WIP projects on my Ravelry project page. So I'm declaring August to be the month to clear the needles. I'd love to start something new, but I'm really trying hold off the urge and stick to this plan.
I did finish my second Laminaria shawl on July 28. A quick knit, started on July 10. I was pretty monogomous on this one. I absolutely love the way it turned out. Can't wait, but I will, to knit another shawl with J. Knits Lace-A-Licious.
Today I finished the main part, no thumb yet, of the right hand Chevalier Mitten.
I was knitting outside and the colors of the VAA Malabrigo are just as verdant as the woods and pond around me. Variations in green and splashes of blue for the sky and water. I really enjoyed getting back to this project. Cast on for the left right away, I'll do both thumbs at the end. These will be a Christmas present for someone, not sure who yet.
The Priscilla's Dream socks, from Favorite Socks, are into the final stretch. I turned the heels yesterday. Interesting toe. Short rows, just the same as the heel, and the seam is at the top of the foot.
I'm anxious to see how they turn out. There is no Sock Knitters Anonymous sockdown challenge for August, thankfully. This pair was part of the June challenge, obviously I didn't make it. I've got this month to finish them and the Bayerische socks that I started in February! I'm hoping that working on the cables of the Chevalier mittens will psyche me up for the cables of Bayerische.
The Lace Ribbon Scarf is gradually growing. I wouldn't say I'm bored with it, but 80 inches is a lot of knitting of the same pattern. I certainly have it memorized. I don't remember the Montego Bay scarves taking this long, but I was probably more monogomous with them and they moved along quicker.
So that's the list for August. I am knitting a swatch of the Berocco Ultra Alpaca for K's Cobblestone, but I'm not casting on yet. Also...I'm going to reknit the button band of my Central Park Hoodie, it's too floppy, and put a new/contrasting neckband on one of K's guernsey sweaters that we bought 23 years ago. It's amazing that the rest of the sweater is in perfect condition, and he wears it a lot.
There are some incredible temptations out there however. I bought several books from Knit Picks (their 40% off sale is a great deal), ordered a couple of DVDs from Lucy Neatby (she actually answered the phone!), the new Rowan magazine arrived (pure porn), and today Twist Collective opened up (fantastic!!!).