Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 2011 Post

I can't believe I have not blogged once this year. Ooops. I'm finding that I have miss not having written descriptions of each project, because I haven't been using my journal either. Time for a New Year's resolution.
Today was a fabulous day as far as Sally's knitting life is concerned. I went to the end of the year sale at Spinning Yarns in Dover. Margot had a swift with a damaged box, no damage to the swift, and she gave me a great deal on it. I couldn't be happier. No more cursing as I try to wind yarn that won't fit on Mom's old swift. Henry thought it was something to attack. I had to pick up a couple of skeins because of the sale, but I held myself back from going over the edge. I just bought two more bins to hold my stash and UFOs.
On the way home I saw the postman had just delivered the mail, and my excitement grew. Yes! He delivered the needles I had ordered on July 30th!! They are beautiful. The set is made of Vermont Rosewood, size 4 to 10.5 with an assortment of cables. I have been anxiously awaiting their arrival for months. The first time I ordered from DyakCraft I got a set of dpn's in different woods and I love them. They came in about a week. The company has obviously become quite a sensation.  The needles are in a lovely case,  I thought I had changed my order to lace tips, but I guess that message didn't get through to the shop floor. Not a problem. The needles are plenty sharp enough and I have the KnitPicks set for when I need them. Now I have to decide what to cast on.
I finished twenty-nine projects this year. Many of them were knit with stash yarn. My goal had been to only purchase yarn that was going directly onto my needles, no stash enhancement. Didn't quite follow through with that, but I did better. Joining the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club was a mistake. The yarns are lovely, but I only have knit one of the skeins/projects so far. I don't think clubs are a good move for me.
So, the 2012 resolution is:
Knit From the Stash
A quick check on my Ravelry stash, which I do keep up to date, comes in at a whopping  77,353 yards. Obviously there must be some mistake. 

This was fun! 2012: Blog and Knit (from the stash...)