Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Plans

I decided to change my blog name. Scituate Knitter is now ME Knit. I needed a change to give me a push to post on a more regular basis! Hope this works.
School is almost out! Although I have some courses and other professional plans lined up, I'm also planning my knitting and already feeling pressed for time! I have the Beefields shawl about 50% finished (I know this thanks to a handy spreadsheet I downloaded) and want to start a second Laminaria shawl to give as a gift. Sweaters for me, socks, finishing some UFOs, gifts, and a Cobblestone for Kenny.
We are not traveling for any extended vacations this summer. The cost of travel and the need to rebuild our coffers is keeping us happily in Maine. We have a weekend planned in Monhegan with friends and a couple of weekends with family in the northeast. Very manageable. I think the garden will be the best it's been in years because we'll be around to take care of it. We are already enjoying a great crop of lettuce. I'm also going to set up a regular posting schedule for this blog, although I'm not sure what that will be.
I'm enjoying a new podcast, The Manic Purl. Chrissy is podcasting from Vancouver, B.C. (we loved that city when we did a trip through that area 10 years ago) and she has a great mix of chat, info, reviews, and knitting updates. It's great to have a new podcast that I enjoy this much!
I did knit in public yesterday, but not with a planned meet up. I was waiting for Spinning Yarns, in Dover, NH to open and worked on the Beefields while I had a cup of coffee. I've been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's latest book, as well as listening to many of the interviews she has done on podcasts lately. I'm wishing that she would write and essay for the This I Believe... project on NPR.

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