Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Swatching

I realized that I knit all of Beth's swatches in the wrong lace pattern. Oh well! At least she will be able to determine which fabric she likes the best. Here is the new swatch with the correct lace pattern. I think this one will be much easier (less noticeable) to graft in the center back.
 This swatch with knit on size 5 needles, and I like it better than the earlier swatch.

Silk Mohair in Second Lace Pattern

Northfield DK
FibraNatura Oak

The Perfect Sweater Class is wonderful, except I wish I had more time to devote to it during the week. I did manage to get pretty well caught up yesterday. Swatched the FibraNatura Oak (got gauge on 3's) and the Northfield DK (didn't get gauge on 5's), both from Webs. The Northfield is merino, alpaca, and silk and knit up as a smoother fabric than the Oak (merino, silk, and linen). I like the Northfield and was glad that it didn't grow when lung with weights. I'd like to use it for another project sometime. I had purchased enough Oak for this sweater because it was on sale, and that influenced my decision. It looks like a more casual relaxed sweater fabric. I also made incomplete swatches of Everlasting DK and Cotton Fleece that I had lying around. They were both more toward the worsted end of the spectrum and would have needed more swatching to get gauge. I knew I wasn't going to order more of that yarn, so I unraveled the swatches. I did wash and hang these two. There was happily no change after hanging for at least 8 hours. 
Oak on 3's and Northfield on 5's
This weeks focus was on fit. I hooked Kenny into taking my measurements and have started to make my own croquis, or sketch of me, that I can draw on to get an idea of what might work on my body. I have to get a lot better at drawing on the iPad to make this very useful!
All of the focus on fit has helped me figure out what size to use for Kenny's Sticks and Stones pullover. It should officially go on the needles this week.

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