Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweater Plans

It's a snowday and I'm in a fog from the cold medication I'm taking. Too spacey to knit so I thought I'd do a blog post before it gets to be a year since the last one!
Trying to knit sweaters that I'm happy with, as in a perfect blend of yarn and fit. The Sticks and Stones sweaters I knit for Kenny and I were both successful! The Sprig, not so much. The yarn was scratchy and the fit was wrong. Sleeves too short and tight (my fault-wrong needle size) and the neck was too wide. I liked the sweater and will try it again, with mods and more attention to needle size. I have been on a  roll with using the wrong needle size. Had to reknit a sleeve in Kenny's sweater, and one of the upper fronts on my Sticks and Stones. So rather than start a project today on the wrong needles, I'm blogging.
I have an abundance of yarn for sweaters and think this is the year to dig in. I have read, taken a workshop, and the Craftsy class for Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter. Also Ysolda Teague's class on Your Perfect Sweater last year through Squam Arts. All of this has given me the confidence to press on.  I've knit a few sweaters recently, but also frogged a few as well. Not afraid to frog, but it would be nice to get it right the first time. Rocky Coast was frogged, and I used the Shelter to knit Romy, which is not the best blend of fit, yarn and buttons (but I still wear it).
So here are my thoughts/plans in not particular order.

Laurel brought me yarn from Peru. Alpaca DK in a red and a green. 1,200 yards each.
Simple Ziggurat by Asa Tricosa 
           I bought some St. Denis Nordique for this on sale from Webs last year, three colors

Same Same but Different by Ankestrick This one is ready to start in Madelinetosh merino light I bought from Spinning Yarns last year. It has contiguous sleeves.

Autumn's End pullover by Alana Dakos in Botanical Knits. Also in a green St. Denis Nordique from Webs

Lorna Suzanne by Ellen Mason nice cardi with a collar, lace panels going to try it with the Rowan Denim I bought years ago for a cabled sweater. Will have to play around with the swatches
because it shrinks.

Highlander by Anne Hanson this one is also ready to go, I swatched last weekend and just need to wind up the rest of the Dream in Color Classy for it. Liked this after studying it in Anne
Hanson's Craftsy Class.

Sprig pullover by Alana Dakos as above, but this time in the Pashmina Worsted that I just got from my summer order at Spinning Yarns. This yarn is so soft there won't be an itch factor and I know how to make the neck fit better. Still need to swatch for this one.

Acorn Trail by Amy Herzog I may get this one as a Custom Fit pattern. Bought some Valley Yarns Amherst in a lilac color (a Pantone spring color) nice cabled cardigan

Twigs and Willows by Alana Dakos I'll use the Owl that I frogged from the first Sprig.

Devonshire by Pam Powers cardi with a single button from 2011 Twist, looks like a good match with Woobu I bought for it awhile ago.

Every Last Yard by Amy Swenson is a cardi with a lacey lower third. I think it would
work in the Everlasting that I have 1,100 yards of.

So that's the list! There are a few more but they've been in my queue for so long I'm not going to mention them.

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