Sunday, January 17, 2010


I did chart the eyes for Das Monster, made a swatch, and practiced my duplicate stitch. Now I'm procrastinating. The gift of a three day weekend.
I ordered the pattern for the Lisdoonvara Jacket from Jean Moss Handknits in November, 2006. I took the chart out of the envelope and hyperventilated. I knit shawls from charts, but this was truly scary. Maybe it was the size. I bought the yarn and haven't done anything else on this project. Until today. I still really like the sweater and have plans to add a scalloped edge from a pattern that I have somewhere... It's 2010 and I'd like to knit up some of the great projects I have planned. The enjoyment of choosing and planning for new projects will be heightened if I have less in the stash bin. Not to mention that I really need a challenge, and this would do it. I'll be using Rowan Denim so frequent breaks will be necessary if I'm going to knit that much cotton. But I have to be careful not to leave it so long I forget the pattern. This sweater will be knit in many short, yet frequent sessions. It would be the only one on Ravelry, which may say more about my sense of style (~1985) than anything else!

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